Shh Shh Shh Shea

Oct 26, 2021 | Interior Design

As much as I love and admire Amber Lewis, Shea McGee is right up there on my list of favorite creative people who inspire me. The words that come to my mind when I think of Shea McGee include, light, fresh, simple, beautiful. Her work looks effortless, simple, comfortable.

Image courtesy of Studio McGee

When I was young we definitely had “that room.” The one you could pass by and look at, but were never allowed to use. The famed living room. We sat on my mother’s favorite prized Henredon sofa once or twice a year, usually on holidays, not daring to eat or drink anything and never putting our feet on it. I love that today designers, like Shea McGee, are creating simple elegant spaces that beg for you to sink in and put your feet up; cuddle with family and the dog, and have as much popcorn, pizza or glasses of wine as you want on the beautiful, yet practical, sofa that was probably a significant expense. I mean what is the point of creating a house that you can look at but cant touch. I want a home that I can live in and enjoy and make memories in. Shea’s designs do both. Every inch of the spaces she creates are absolute eye candy. But with a husband and, now, three littles, it’s obvious that Shea also understand the importance of livability.

Images courtesy of Studio McGee

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