Pillow Envy

Jan 21, 2022 | Interior Design

When it comes to pillows I only have two words, OB… SESSED. As my husband can attest, I am absolutely addicted to pillows. I have so many pillows in my house that one time when we had a party, my husband offered up pillows to our guests as a parting gift to try and get rid of some of them. As I shot him the evil eye, I politely stated to him and our guests that my pillows are amazing, and they aren’t going anywhere.

Pillows have the ability to completely change the look and feel of any space and have the benefit of costing much, much less than new furniture if you want to redecorate. Pillows come in any size, shape, and fabric you can think of, and can be used to change the look of your home seasonally, as from Summer to Fall, or perhaps, celebrate an event like a holiday.

Image courtesy of A Simple Creative Life

Pillows are beautiful, and although not as expensive as a new sofa, can still be expensive. I have paid several hundred dollars for the right pillow, when it’s really unique and hard to find. But I  have also done quite a bit of research online to find more affordable alternatives. So let me show you what I found.

Image courtesy of A Simple Creative Life

Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

Cherverny Pillow by Amber Interiors $345

Of course, I always find inspiration from Amber Lewis, and pillows are no exception. In fact, I would say the pillows Amber uses in her designs is an integral part of her unique style. In her Shoppe she has lots of pillows for sale, many of them one-of-a-kind. But they are pricey. For instance, take a look at this beautiful fringed pillow in rich earthy grey and brown tones. It’s 24in x 23 in, made from vintage linen fabric and includes the insert, which is often extra. It’s absolutely stunning, but also $345.00.

So, I decided to look for a more affordable alternative. One of my favorite places to look for pillows is on Etsy. I typed in “batik, brown, floral, pillow” and found hundreds of pillows to choose from. These two caught my eye and both have, in my opinion, the feel and tone as the one from Amber Interiors. The one from Cotton + Co. is $44.00 for the 22x22in without the insert. The one from Wicker + White Co. is $71.11 for a 20x20inch without an insert.

Cotton + Co. $44

Wicker + White Co. $71.11

I usually buy my inserts from Amazon. In the past I always got down inserts for a more luxurious look and feel, but now there are also down free alternatives that have the same look and feel as down. ALWAYS buy an insert that is at least one inch bigger than your pillow dimensions on all sides. Here is one from the Pillowflex Store is $29.52 for a 24x24inch insert, and, a pair of down inserts from Basic Home measuring 24x24in for $41.99.

Pro tip: It’s usually the insert that makes a pillow look cheap, not the pillow cover. I’ve purchased plenty of inexpensive pillows from places like Target and World Market over the years and simply replaced the insert to make the pillow look and feel more expensive. Just make sure when you buy the pillow it has a zipper or other closure to replace the insert.

Pillowflex Synthetic Insert 24x24in – Amazon $29.52

Down Pillow Insert 24x24in – Amazon $41.99

Pillows are meant to be combined and layered. So if you find the pillow of your dreams for $300, combining it with less expensive more neutral pillows is another great way to get the designer look you want without a big pricetag. Vary the sizes and shapes for more depth and visual interest. Here are a couple of examples.

Terracotta Rust Fringe Pillow by Wicker + White Co. on Etsy $75.03

Cherverny Pillow by Amber Interiors $345

Textured Stripe Lumbar Pillow at World Market $34.99

Pumice Flaxed Linen Pillow by OneAffirmation on Etsy $79

Grey Floral Pillow by Wicker + White Co. on Etsy $71.11

Burgundy Boucle Pillow by Studio McGee at Target $22

Mocha Woven Lumbar Pillow by Wicker + White Co. on Etsy $75.03

Pumice Flaxed Linen Pillow by OneAffirmation on Etsy $79

So, don’t let price (or your husband) discourage you from adding beauty and style to your home with decorative throw pillows. There is no such thing as too many pillows. And, if your loved ones find them in the way, I would simply invite them to temporarily toss them on the floor, whilst they lie in bed or sit on your sofa or chair. When they’re done, put it back in place and give it a quick fluff on the sides and a karate chop on the top to make it look beautiful again.


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