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Nov 26, 2021 | Interior Design

Can we talk Joanna Gaines for a hot minute. Growing up in the South I immediately connected with Joanna Gaines’ country cottage style. I grew up in Charlotte NC. At the time I thought I lived in the big city, but in hindsight I now realize how small town Charlotte really was back then. My parents had a sailboat at Lake Norman. The adults would let us kids run wild in nature at the lake, including night swimming off the pier and four wheeling in country pastures now covered in multimillion dollar McMansions. It was a dream life that I only learned to appreciate when I became an adult.

Images courtesy of Fixer Upper

One of my favorite memories of NC as a child was going to a BBQ at this farmhouse out in the country near Charlotte. The farm had a quintessential white farmhouse with a tire swing and land for miles. We played horseshoes and ran around playing all day, while the adults drank beer out of keg and sat around playing guitars. To this day I have vivid memories of that afternoon and long for an opportunity to relive that freedom in nature.

I think that’s what initially drew me to Fixer Upper featuring Chip and Joanne Gaines. Chip and Joanna and their family live in an historic farmhouse out in the country surrounded by views and land as far as the eye can see, just outside of Waco, Texas. Initially her designs reflected this style and I thought, “Wow she has this country thing down pat.”

But then in Season 2 everything changed. Joanne took on her friend Jill’s mid-century mod reno. Honestly, I didn’t think she could do it and based on what Chip said in the reveal I’m not sure he did either. But she killed it, and I thought, “Huh, country girl can go mid-century. Who knew.”

I’ve often wondered if that house inspired Joanna to step outside of her comfort zone and gave her the courage to tackle bigger and better things. Since then, she has definitely stepped outside the box, and masterminded an ever expanding, thriving company, Magnolia, that includes real estate, home remodeling, interior design, a furniture line, and of course, multiple restaurants and retail shops mainly housed at the Gaines company headquarters, fondly referred to as The Silos.

Image courtesy of Fixer Upper

I think what I admire most about Chip and Joanna is their ability to create a growing, thriving modern industry by embracing and maintaining the comfort and history of small town life. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy my modern, hectic city life. But to this day, nothing feels better to me than a simple day in the country, taking in nature, eating old-fashioned home cooked food, and finishing the day sitting on the front porch. Thank you, Joanna, for making everything old new again.

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