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Feb 4, 2022 | Interior Design, The Cloisters Project

I first heard of Pinterest around 2011, when a friend of mine mentioned she was using a website called Pinterest to get ideas and plan her upcoming wedding. “Hmm”, I thought, “what the heck is Pinterest?” I had had a lifelong obsession with home and cooking magazines and had subscriptions to I don’t know how many back then. I would go the mailbox and get super excited when they would start to role in each month – Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, Phoenix Home and Garden, Fine Cooking, and on and on. Then, I would turn down the corner of the pages that inspired me and add the magazines to my huge collection of the ones I could not bear to part with, stacked around my house. So, I went online and instantly I was hooked. Talk about a rabbit hole. One inspiring picture led to another, and another, and another. There were infinite pictures, infinite ideas, and infinite possibilities.

Over the next decade I ended most of my paper-based magazine subscriptions in favor of e-versions, but continued to find more and more of the my inspiration on Pinterest, and, quite frankly, most of the magazine photos I loved. Then, as most pinners do, I started to organize my ideas on Pinterest Boards which today is one of my favorite ways to look for design inspiration and plan my renovations. I call them my brain boards.

Each time I start a renovation I also start with Pinterest. I literally could spend all day on Pinterest looking for ideas that inspire me to think in a new way or see if anyone else has already accomplished an idea I’m throwing around in my mind. Let’s take a look at how I used Pinterest to inspire my recent remodel at The Cloisters Project.

Image courtesy of @asimplecreativelife

When I first start, I usually just add pictures to the main board. But as the pictures begin to add up, it usually becomes necessary to separate them out into individual rooms, like Master Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen etc. As I come up with an idea or vision for the space I comb through Pinterest and add pictures that either persuade me to continue or lead me down a different path. For instance, in the kitchen at The Cloisters I originally wanted to go with rough sawn natural oak cabinets and a more modern look, so I had picture after of kitchens with those cabinets. But the limited ability to get the cabinets in less than four months time simply made that vision impossible. So, I went in a different direction and decided to use cabinets I could get in one month to inspire a more transitional look for the space. Then I switched gears and deleted the pictures of oak kitchen cabinets and started to add pins that inspired my new design.

As you can see from my pins below, I start with the original picture of the space and then look for “Pinspiration” for the look I’m going for. Here are two of the inspiration pins I found for The Cloisters kitchen remodel from TTM Home Design and Studio Lifestyle.

The Cloisters Kitchen before

TTM Home Design

Studio Lifestyle

As I hone in on the final design decisions, I can add new inspiration or delete ideas that no longer fit in with the overall design theme. I can also select pictures from retailers so that later when I’m ready to purchase I can refer back to my Pinterest board to link to the retailer and make my purchase, or compare pricing and perhaps find a better deal somewhere else. For instance, on the Kitchen board for The Cloisters Project you’ll notice pins for the faucet, the cabinets, the knobs and pulls, etc. I started with lots of different idea pins for these choices, but once I made my final decisions I deleted all but the ones that really inspired me and the ones I wanted to purchase for the final design. This helps me keep track of where I saw the product and where I will make my final purchase.

Thomasville Cabinets

Delta Brass Kitchen Faucet

Bedrosian Chloe Tile

LumiSource Faux Leather Barstools

Now a look at the final product. You can see how the inspiration Pins influenced the design in the use of color, cabinet style, finishes and fixtures. Very similar, but still my own personal design.

Designing the Living Room was no different. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration to use new and found pieces to style the room in a way that facilitated comfort, functionality and simple, beautiful design. Take a look at the process from Pinterest to end.

Pinspiration from Joss & Main

Glass Top Round Coffee Table

Mid-century overhead light from West Elm

Image courtesy of A Simple Creative Life

Whether you’re simply browsing beautiful pictures or getting inspiraton and ideas for your next major home renovation, Pinterest is a great place to start. What are you waiting for? Go find your Pinspiration and follow us on Pinterest at @asimplecreativelife.


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