A Simple Creative Life

Behind the Scenes

I can’t remember a time when creativity was not a part of my life. As a child I remember going to my grandmother’s house. She had stacks and stacks of interior design magazines all around the house. We came from modest means, and I remember my grandmother would peruse the pages of magazines, like Veranda, Southern Living, and Architectural Digest, for inspiration. Then she and her sister would sew the most beautiful window coverings, bedspreads, bedskirts, and table cloths, and shop at discount stores for plates, stemware, place settings and accessories, until her house looked like the pages of the magazine at a fraction of the cost.

At home my mother was busy honing her own creative skills at cooking and gardening. As a full-time working mom, she still managed to take a few French cooking lessons and tried out endless recipes from her latest cookbooks. Long before HGTV, we would sit together and watch shows like Julie Child, The Victory Garden, and This Old House, on PBS. Then my mother would create and plant the most beautiful gardens in our backyard and cook the most amazing gourmet food, all the while encouraging me to dig in, get my hands dirty and enjoy the fruits of our labor, in the kitchen and the garden. My time with these women inspired a lifelong passion to be creative, try new things, and love all things home. But, more importantly, they showed me how to achieve things that may seem out of reach with a little hard work and ingenuity.

My passion has and always will be remodeling and designing all things home. For over 15 years, I have been remodeling and redesigning homes in Phoenix, AZ, and along the way I’ve learned one important lesson – simple is better. So come along with me and let me inspire you to create your own simple, creative life.

Interior Design
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